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Stop Being Busy (a Manifesto)

Life’s too short. Let's stop being busy and live better.

At Ranger Station, we believe that life is to be taken by the horns. Why? Because this is where you make experiences and memories. And if you take nothing else from this, remember this. The experiences you have and the memories that flow from them will forever be your greatest asset; your most valuable currency. 

And though it seems counterintuitive, in order to do this we must first slow down. We must first Stop Being Busy. Note that, of course, this doesn’t mean we get rid of hard work. On the contrary, this manifesto requires it!

But first you must step back and decide where to put your efforts; and put your first efforts into yourself; invest in yourself. For if we constantly distract ourselves with ‘being busy,’ just for the sake of it and nothing more, then we are constantly just lacing up our boots with no actual intent of walking out that front door. Our only real intent becoming to avoid those proverbial ‘horns’ altogether.

But when you Stop Being Busy, you can take stock of yourself and find what kindles your fire; what is your spark. Only then can you go forth and with hard work turn into into a flame. But still, never forget to come back to yourself, to remind yourself not to be ‘busy,’ and to heal yourself. Because if you can be sure of anything it is this: When you take life by the horns, sometimes you will get the horns. But those scars are only reminders of that great currency we have deposited in our vaults. Our experiences, our memories, the people in them, and the ‘real life’ that ‘real work’ builds.

So set the foundation for this and take step one: Stop Being Busy.

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