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The happiest people in the world are sharing their secret. Or at least someone has found out what it is. 

You've probably heard before that the nordic peoples (Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, etc...) are the happiest people in the world. But have you dug into why?

Spoiler alert: this comes back to candles! And well, we love candles. 

Consuming about 13 pounds of wax per person per year, the Danes know a thing or two about the use of candles. And alot of it comes back to this abstract idea of 'hygge.' You've probably seen the word around but its definition is hard to nail down. Some say it translates to 'coziness' or 'warmth.' But suffice it to say that what we are talking about here is taking care of yourself with a healthy amount of self-indulgence. And note that this doesn't necessarily mean 'alone.' Community is an integral part of this.


But why the discovery of this healthy indulgence in this region? The Scandinavian region, much like parts of northern North America, does not get as much daylight as the rest of the world. Vitamin D is not in a surplus. And what's more it's COLD! But you know what else this region is? Absolutely Beautiful. And the Scandinavian people see this beauty and have translated it into their personal lives and fight off both the dark and the cold with it. In comes the consumption of scented candles to give light and aroma to your space, coffee and heavy blankets to bring warmth of body, whiskey or wine, and books for warmth of the soul. 

The Scandi's teach us that we do have some control over our happiness. Even when the world around us is dark and cold we can take what we find beautiful in it and feed our souls with it. It's one thing to smile and tell yourself to be happy; to tell yourself that you are happy. It's much more exciting to surround yourself with the formula for happiness. 

 So let's stop being busy. Grab your hot beverage or libation of choice, your heaviest blanket in your favorite nook, and indulge yourself; indulge in yourself. 

Let me know how it goes

- Jon

 p.s. if you're going the coffee and pastry route, check out the Swedish art of Fika

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