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Duluth (The North Shore Part 1)

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While Ranger Station was created in the heart of America's South, its team of two grew up in the great North. And to this day it remains one of, if not our favorite destination when getting away from it all. 

Our specific piece of paradise is The North Shore of Minnesota along Lake Superior. An area stretching from Duluth, that great port of iron ore that built MN and much of the rest of the country, all the way to the Canadian border (and beyond). And while just about any length of time actually spent in this water without protection would leave you hypothermic, the landscape, the views, and the PEOPLE, leave you always wanting more.

So no matter the time of year, this should to be on your list of places to go. If not at the top. Here are some suggestions. 

- Duluth











This city was rated the number one place to live by Outside magazine in 2014 due to it's prime location in the playground that is the North Shore. 

Bent Paddle Brewing

- local craft beers and good people all around.

Vikre Distillery

- a family owned and made by hand distillery on the waterfront. 

Duluth Pack

One of our favorite brands and always a stop when we're in town, Duluth Pack has been hand making leather and canvas bags and accessories to outfit the North Shore Outdoorsman since 1882.

Mountain biking

- A hub for mountain bikers, you can find trails and fellow riders year round. Get yourself a fat bike and plow through that snow.


- Get yourself a wetsuit. Or better yet a drysuit. And make sure you've got a hood and booties. This water ranges between 55 degrees and 32 degrees F (that's literally freezing) from summer to winter. And the best surfing swells are found in the winter months. But if you're brave enough the rewards can be great, with the deepwater offshore and ideal wind patterns making for nicely "groomed" swells. You up for it?

Local Tip: Head out to Stony Point for the best conditions.


Surfing Lake Superior

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