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Tobacco + Musk
Tobacco + Musk
Tobacco + Musk
Tobacco + Musk
Scent No. 005

Tobacco + Musk


Sweet tobacco leaves wrap warm teakwood, spicy vetiver, and earthy sandalwood to create a sophisticated yet refined scent.


With Scent No. 005’s natural aversion to stress, you can bring its tranquility to any space. Now a staple at home or in the office, Tobacco + Musk is a product of tireless research and testing that wraps all your sophistication into one handsome package.

Fragrance Notes

  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Amazing Scent

I can not get enough of this candle. The scent makes every day better. Then boom I have a Whisky Glass when its done. Great job guys.

Amazing Scented Candle

This is by far one of my favorite candles I have ever bought. The scent is amazing and fills the room. The glass itself is pretty awesome with a simple and cool logo of a ranger hat. I highly recommend this candle.