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Candles to cocktails

We pour the scent // You pour the spirit

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About Us

We pour the scent. You pour the spirit.


At Ranger Station, we pour each candle into what will later become your favorite cocktail glass, a sturdy keepsake and customization inspired by our founder's appreciation for a well-served drink. Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality candle that can transport you to an outdoor retreat in the confines of your daily life. Each candle is hand-poured to function as a warm additive, yet is inevitably alluring, in any room it's lit. And although we perfect our scents with the nose of a modern gentleman in mind, our candles have a way of captivating the most tasteful of women, as well.  


Ranger Station was dreamt up and made a reality by Steve Soderholm, Founder and Chief Candlemaker. Steve has always kept a good candle lit when he's hosting friends, but had a hard time finding a candle that reproduced the aromas in the world that he loves the most. Tired of his options to either buy cheap candles from big box stores or over-priced candles that didn't quite fit his taste, he decided to start making his own. The result has turned into Ranger Station, where Steve is now releasing his wilderness-inspired scents by the batch. 

When Steve isn't pouring candles, you can find him playing drums on the road or at home in Nashville, TN, often stirring up whiskey cocktails for his friends and family in between.