Our Beginnings 

Founded in 2015 in a refurbished Ranger Station, a musician with big dreams pioneered the idea of a candle in a reusable cocktail glass. His now-wife took the leap, hitting 'publish' on their first website. The rest is history.

Our Mission 

In our Nashville Fragrance House, we believe life was meant to be an adventure, and scent makes it an experience. That’s why we create bold, long-lasting, ingredient-honest candles and fragrances to be the everyman’s luxury, so you can leave traces wherever you go. 

Our Values 

Meant for experience. Scent has the power to elevate everything around us, and our products are designed to help you create (and remember) memories that make up the currency of your life. 

Cocktails. We believe life is made up of 'cheers' moments, and we love a good artisan cocktail. As the early pioneers of the reusable candle glass, every 8 oz candle you receive comes paired back to an artisan cocktail recipe card.

Everyman's luxury. We create luxury fragrance, at an attainable price point and process that everyone can enjoy.

Bold fragrance for all. With double the fragrance saturation and a bold scent profile, we believe in unisex scents that last (minus the headaches). 

Ingredient Honesty. We craft everything by hand in our Nashville Fragrance House to be safe and clean for your home and self. Get more details. 

Nashville, Tennessee. The city we call home, and the community that inspires us. Over 90% of our staff have, or are, musicians chasing their dreams – and we want to help them get there.