Jake Goss X Yippee Ki-Yay

Ranger Station: Tell us about you!!!

Jake Goss: my name is jake. i’m from bentonville, ar. i live in los angeles, california. i married the greatest gal in the world, mariah mcmanus goss. we have a sweet lil baby girl named Juno Boogie McManus Goss. they are my world. i’m in my favorite band, Lany. i play drums. i love Jesus. i love people. Go Hogs

Ranger Station: How do you feel wearing / smelling Yippee Ki-Yay scent?

Jake Goss: i feel tougher than i really am. i feel as though i magically found the tools and confidence to build a house with my bare hands. this scent makes you stand a little taller and walk with a bit more swagger. kinda like you are trading places with mike rowe of dirty jobs for the day. no matter the job at hand, it’s nice to have yippee ki-yay on deck. also, feels like something brad pitt has tucked in his motorcycle seat.

Ranger Station: Why are you partnering with Ranger Station?

Jake Goss: friendship and greatness. i’ve known steve and jordan for years now and they are two of the loveliest people on this planet. their kindness, their tenderness and their pursuit of greatness is compelling and inspiring. i’ve always loved the scents that come out of ranger station. so, when they reached out about being a part of the story, it was a quick and resounding YES.

Ranger Station: What are you passionate about?

Jake Goss: family. people. Jesus. drums. sports. food. movies. music. traveling. kindness. being in the sun. hanging out with my wife, daughter, and our hilarious dog, pablo. and having the absolute privilege of playing music around the world with my buds.

Ranger Station: What does experience mean to you? What types of experiences do you think are the most important?

Jake Goss: experience is learning, good or bad. i think it’s good to open yourself up to experiences, whether it’s something you’re passionate about or not, you might be surprised by how many things you take away from something. i love being surprised by an experience. the unexpected is scary and exhilarating. which is the beauty of it all. take risks. without being shady. in the end, experiences that bring you joy and open your eyes to the beauty of the world and the beauty of people is worth it. it’s worth becoming a better person and better friend.

Ranger Station: What does being a cowboy mean to you?

Jake Goss: a cowboy has guts. being confident in your own skin. letting hard work and family be the driving force. my grandad is the ultimate cowboy. wakes up at the crack of dawn, goes to hardees for his coffee, reads his bible, brings home something for his wife, straps on his boots, takes care of his horses, takes care of his community and doesn’t complain a wink.

Ranger Station: Describe your personal style.

Jake Goss: a splash of wal mart and a splash of high fashion.

Ranger Station: Who are you inspired by style-wise? And in general?

Jake Goss: my style is always on the move lol. my poor wife puts up with my obsession with eBay and my ever changing closet. i’m inspired by people who wear their clothes with ultra confidence and swag. it really translates the way someone walks around in an outfit. my current styles heroes are johnny knoxville, pharrell, shia labeouf, brad pitt, salehe bembury, just to name a few…

Ranger Station: Your job requires you to travel a lot. What do you do on the road to make yourself feel at home? And what makes your home feel like home?

Jake Goss: when i’m on the road the greatest thing in the world is a FaceTime with the wife. seeing her face and hearing her voice is my home. also, this is a little silly but watching episodes of the office when we’re out of the country makes me feel like i’m right at home. same goes with music that reminds me of home. and when i’m home, the people make it home. we have such a beautiful community at home and at church.

Ranger Station: Talk to us about your grandfather. What lessons did your grandfather instill in you that has brought you to where you are now with your family, career, passions?

Jake Goss: his name is elgie goss. he’s a man’s man. growing up he trained horses and was principal at pine bluff high school. he loved people. he loved people of every race. he has a heart of gold and loves his family. he has grit and charisma. he loves Jesus. he and my grandma sang and square-danced in their free time. they are extraordinary. the things i learned most from grandad is treating people well, being a great dad and husband, taking care of yourself (he’s in his 90’s and could still school me in basketball), and that you can do and accomplish a lot of beautiful things in a life time.  

Ranger Station: How does your hometown/upbringing keep you from getting lost in the entertainment world?

Jake Goss: i love where i’m from. i grow to love it more and more everyday. i’ve always loved calm and simple things b/c that was a lot of growing up in arkansas. there wasn’t a ton going on, so you had to create your own fun. it was mostly band practice and skipping rocks in the creek growing up. and i loved it. i’ve grown to love long walks when i travel b/c growing up i did a lot of mowing around my parents land, so, it gave me a lot of time to talk to Jesus, listen to music, listen to nature.. those things i do in my everyday life still bc of how much my dad would make me mow growing up lol. i learned and observed kind and humble people growing up and that always stuck with me and still does. my parents are some of the best people i’ve ever known. the impact they’ve had on my life and my character is priceless.

Ranger Station: What does success look like to you?

Jake Goss: helping other people. putting a smile on someone’s face from something you had your hand in. 

Ranger Station: What do you do to take care of yourself, and what kind of impact does that make on your day-to-day?

Jake Goss:  i like to exercise, eat pretty clean, stay strong in my relationship with Jesus, keep my family my world, put a lot of work and effort into people. and to not waste a second of my life talking poorly about people. only build people up. that all keeps me clear and focused. and it’s what i feel called to do.


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