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We pour the scent. You pour the spirit.

From the time we were pouring candles in a garage and packaging them on a living room floor in 2015 till today, we have built our company and products on a simple idea. That the currency of our lives is in the experiences we have and the memories that sprout from them. And it's up to each of us to take that life by storm. So we'll pour the scent, and you pour the spirit; Candles to Cocktails.

Find what ignites you.

Who We Are

Who we are.

Ranger Station is twin brothers Steve and Jon Soderholm. Our founder, Steve, dreamt up our candles while touring the world as a musician who needed something to do with his hands whenever he had time home. And with increasing demand, he quickly brought his brother Jon onboard. 

As a young company, we are blessed to be living out another of our dreams and can’t say thank you enough to our customers for letting us put a little light in your world! Cheers!

Caring for your candles.

We’ve all seen candles that haven’t burned correctly. The telltale signs are tunneling (when the wax does not burn all the way to the sides of the container) and sooting (when the glass starts to blacken from the flame). But here are some tips to help you avoid these things and get the most life out of your candle.

The first burn.

The first burn is the most important. Make sure that your melt pool extends to every side of the container (this can take up to 4 hours) before extinguishing. Otherwise, 'memory rings' will form, causing the candle to begin tunneling.

Caring for your candles
Additional Care

Subsequent burns.

It’s a good habit to burn your candle long enough that the melt pool reaches the sides of the container every time. This will allow for the most extended candle life and cleanest burn possible.

Trimming the wick.

Yes, you really should. It's easy to avoid cutting your wick to 1/4" before every burn, but it’s of utmost importance. A wick that is not regularly trimmed will result in a flame that is too large, a melt pool that is too deep, excess carbon build-up (or mushrooming of the wick), and excess sooting (blackening of the glass).

(I know we sound a tad bit nerdy over here, but we want to make sure you enjoy your candle properly! And we are nerdy.)

From Candles to Cocktails
Steve and Jon

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