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Candle Care

We have all seen candles that have not burned properly. Some common sightings are tunneling (when the wax does not burn all the way to the sides of the container) and sooting (when the glass starts to blacken from the flame). Here are some tips to help you avoid those things and get the most life out of your candle. 
The first burn is the most important. The first time you burn your candle, make sure that your melt pool extends to every side of the container (This can take up to 4 hours). If it does not, 'memory rings' will form. This will cause the candle to tunnel down from there, resulting in leftover wax on the sides of the container. 
It is a good habit to burn your candle long enough that the melt pool reaches the sides of the container every time. This will allow you to have the longest candle life and cleanest burn. 
It’s easy to get lazy and forget (avoid) trimming your wick to 1/4" before every burn, but this is of utmost importance. A wick that is not regularly trimmed can result in a flame that is too large, a melt pool that is too deep, excess carbon build-up (mushrooming of the wick), and excess sooting (blackening of container). 
(I know we sound a tad bit nerdy over here, but we want to make sure you enjoy your candle properly! And we are nerdy.)