Experience is our first priority - always

We believe that the currency of our lives lies in the experiences we have and the memories we make. Ranger Station is a small team creating high-end fragrances that help you to create those experiences and memories.

We Pour Candles Into Cocktail Glasses

They're pretty epic, and each of our candles comes with a cocktail recipe that perfectly pairs back to your scent of choice. We also make personal fragrance and personal care items so that once you find your go-to scent, you can take it with you anywhere.

Clean / Safe / Sustainable / Vegan

Society often tells us that 'All Natural' is the healthiest and safest way to go, when in reality, many natural ingredients are toxic, endangered, animal by-products, or a combination of these.

At Ranger Station, we are committed to using ingredients that are both safe for you and for the environment. This means that we use all natural materials when we can, but if an ingredient is toxic or cannot be sustainably sourced, we use the synthetic alternative which is safe and sustainable.

For further questions, please reach out to us here.

How It All Began

The idea for creating candles in reusable cocktail glasses was born in 2015, when our Founder, Steve Soderholm, was home from traveling the world as a touring drummer. Inspired by a childhood spent in the Minnesota North Woods, Steve set out to develop rich, earthy fragrances that could emulate the finest scents found in nature while also elevating the experience of a room. He soon mastered the fragrances he always dreamt of finding in the store but never could, pouring each of his finished candles into a perfectly-weighted cocktail glass—designed to be both reusable and collectable. Having found the key to combining his passion for creating inviting spaces and well-crafted whiskey drinks for his friends and family, his off-the-road hobby quickly grew into a full-time gig. His sought-after candles have since expanded into a personal fragrance line that continues to evolve, creating loyal purveyors worldwide.