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What sets us apart?

Over 30+ years of combined experience

High quality raw materials & manufacturing process

Soy-based wax

Clean & sustainable ingredients

High fragrance loads

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Nearest Green Distillery

Verified Customer

"They did an amazing job on our custom project for our distillery. Their staff are super professional and easy to work with, and the process was smooth and easy to create a great product. We hope to continue working with them for a long time!"

Becca Brooks Events

Verified Customer

“Not only were they incredibly helpful from a design standpoint, but they were also easy and enjoyable to work with along the way and created a gorgeous final product. My clients consistently rave about the candle's amazing (and long-lasting) scent and beautiful design.”

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  • Why create with us?


    Yes, we are slightly more expensive than most candle suppliers, but it is because you are getting a candle that uses much higher quality raw materials. We thought about doing a lower price point candle but couldn't bring ourselves to sacrifice quality for a lower price.

    Clean, Safe & Sustainable

    All Natural ≠ Clean, Safe, Or Sustainable. While we use all natural ingredients where we can, we also use synthetic alternatives when the all natural version cannot meet our high standards of Cleanliness, Safety, and Sustainability.

    High Quality Materials & Fragrance Load

    We use a high veggie blend soy based wax in all of our candles. This wax is the perfect balance between renewability, safety, and performance. We have not found 100% soy wax or Coconut wax to offer safe or consistent burns.

Meet Our Founders, Steve & Jordan Soderholm

We got our start by building a candle brand from the ground up, so we know the ins and outs of candles, fragrance, and supplies. Our 8 years of experience have allowed us to become leaders in fragrance development servicing small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs.

No Stress Guarantee

We get it, you're about to order something you can't smell. We will send you sample before we collect any money.

  • Lose Weight

    Your responses to the quiz help us understand your habits, preferences and goals–so we can line up a regimen that makes the most sense for you.

  • Build Muscle

    Formulated with simple and effective ingredients—informed by your diet, body composition and lifestyle habits—to help you build muscle.

  • Recover Better

    We review your exercise habits to create a regimen that better supports your muscle and performance recovery after workouts.

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