Ranger Station's

World Famous Candles

In Reusable Cocktail Glasses

A touring musician and his wife launched a website in 2015 with one candle, set in a cocktail glass. Now, it's a fragrance house for the everyman's luxury.

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Made with Soy-Based Wax

Hand poured and packaged in Nashville, TN, USA.

We use the safest ingredients for you and the environment.


Candles are poured in reusable cocktail glasses.

Meet the scents that got us where we are...

Over 1,000 Reviews | 4.8 Average Star rating

Gregory Diller

Verified Customer

“I like a more subtle but present smell and this is just it. It’s clean but with a woodsy scent. The pine is always a favorite and the leather makes it more subtle. I have already ordered the subscription as well.”

Lexi Reyes

Verified Customer

“I’m convinced I love every scent/candle this company makes. My husband loves them too. The fact that the candle also doubles as a cocktail glass is a win for this household. My husband doesn't even question the charge anymore ;)”

Fun fact:

Every candle has a cocktail pairing

Meet Our Founders, Steve & Jordan Soderholm

Steve was a touring musician with big dreams and pioneered the idea of a candle in a reusable cocktail glass during his off time between tours. With support from his wife, Jordan, they built a website, pressed launch, and the rest was history. They reside and work in Nashville, TN with their family of four.

Learn more about our story

The Nashville Fragrance House

The city we call home, and the community that inspires us. Over 90% of our staff have, or are, musicians chasing their dreams – and we want to help them get there.

No Stress Guarantee

We get it, you're about to buy something you can't smell. 100% money-back guarantee on scents you're not in love with.

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