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Eggnog, the creamy classic, is an essential part of the holidays. Combining eggs, sugar, milk and cream with bourbon and rum is the best version of Eggnog. The potency will put a little more cheer in your holidays.

Eggnog has a varied and rich history with a lot of competing claims of the origin of the drink that can get lost in an etymological debate. However, there are a few things to note. First, Eggnog is primarily imbibed in Canada and the USA during the holiday season. It can be consumed hot or cold depending on preference and how cold it is outside. The first printed mention of Eggnog was in 1788 in “The Jersey Journal” that referred to a young man drinking a glass of Eggnog. Second, there seems to be solid consensus that Eggnog as we know today is a culinary descendant of Posset.

Regardless of the origin, everyone can agree that Eggnog is universally delicious.


6 Eggs, separated

3⁄4 cup Sugar, divided

32 oz Whole milk

16 oz Heavy cream

8 oz Bourbon

4 oz Spiced rum

Garnish:  1 Grated nutmeg

Glass:  Punch or tea cup