The Valentine's Day '24 Field Guide

Howdy, rangers! With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we thought we'd put together a quick "Field Guide to a Nashville Valentine's" and share some of our team's favorite romantic spots to make sure your night doesn't just smell awesome, but turns into a great memory for you and your special someone.

Once you've got the flowers sorted, that special scent figured out, and the right candle at the ready, what's next? Beyond product suggestions, here are 5 of our top Nashville Valentine's Day experiences:

  1. Pizza + Drinks: Look, if you're with the right person, a date doesn't have to be super fancy to be super romantic! This combo gives you plenty of options around Nashville, but a few of our favorites would be 5 Points Pizza + walk down to Attaboy (East), Bella Napoli + Old Glory (Edgehill Village), or Folk + walk over to the bar at Audrey (also East - no reservation required just for drinks). 
  2. Candlelit Dinner + Out For Drinks: It wouldn't be a Ranger Station list without one suggestion involving a candle, would it? Here's a favorite of ours: try making dinner at home (may we suggest some homemade pasta + a bottle of wine?) and just going out for drinks afterward; this is a great option for saving a little bit without feeling like you're missing out on the day. Our suggestions for after-dinner drinks: try Urban Cowboy (East), Martha My Dear (East), or Otto's (West). 
  3. BYOD: Are you more of a brewery couple than a cocktails couple? Don't worry, we've got an option for you, too: try taking out from a favorite restaurant (maybe a first date spot or recurring favorite) and bringing your food to Monday Night Brewing (Germantown). This brewery has tons of options on tap - as well as wine, cocktails, and a specialty craft hard seltzer - and plenty of indoor/outdoor space just for two or to accomodate a larger crowd. 
  4. Special Occasion: Feel like making it a night to remember? Opt for dinner + drinks at Drusie + Darr inside The Hermitage Hotel. You'll feel like you've left behind the hustle + bustle of Downtown Nashville thanks to the old-world ambience of the Hermitage's recent remodel - and if you really want to get away, you can always book a staycation for the night! 
  5. "The Steve + Jordan:" Does it get any better than drinks + a movie? Our founders' first date was to the 12 South Taproom - right down the street from our flagship store! - and then to see a movie at the Belcourt Theater in Hillsboro Village. So far, it's working out pretty well. 

Plus, here's a bonus suggestion: if you're further south in the Franklin / Columbia / Spring Hill area, check out Ransom Spirits + Provisions in Columbia, TN. We can't personally vouch (yet), but our team has heard great things and can't wait to check it out soon. 

So there you have 'em: a few very Nashville suggestions for your Valentine's Day! Let us know if you end up planning around any of these ideas, and we hope that your Valentine's Day will be one to remember. 

Cheers + take care.

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