Laura + Taylor Hoover at home with their child.


What's your background? How did you get into photography (Taylor) and interior design (Laura)?

Taylor: I have been taking photos since i was about 14, but I didn't start making photos for money until i was around 24. I was laid off from a job, used the severance pay to buy a new camera, lens and laptop, and have spent years building my portfolio to where it is now. 

Laura: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved making the space I’m in reflect my personality and be a place that I genuinely want to be in and look forward to coming back to. Our homes have such a profound ability to impact our mental health and I decided I wanted to help others’ external world reflect and soothe their internal world. It's so fulfilling for me. 

How did you find Ranger Station?

Taylor: Through Instagram – I think it was through an ad! I reached out because I recognized the Western aesthetic and I felt we both aligned on that.

Your photography often captures the beauty and grandeur of the American West. What draws you to this subject matter and how do you approach capturing it in your work? 

Taylor: I capture the American West by photographing the the people of the region, documenting a dying breed of human ( the cowboy), and also doing my best to show visually the way the landscape can make me feel so at home, while also being one of the most desolate and lonely places around. It’s just my favorite place in the world. 

You have a young child. How does being a parent impact your work and how do you balance work and family life?

Laura: For the time being, parenting our daughter is my first priority. It’s a constant give and take between Taylor and I that allows us to balance work and home life. I’m thankful he works extra hard and I know he’s grateful for all I do as well. It’s hard to let go of feeling the need to constantly be productive when our culture prioritizes that, but having a baby has helped me to learn how to just roll with it.

Taylor: It can be challenging at times having a creative job and an infant. Laura is a badass mom who helps me out as much as possible with jobs, ideas & also being a mom at the same time. Traveling can also be tough on our family, but we learn more about the process each time we go through it. 

Alright, last one: what advice would you give to aspiring photographers and interior designers?

Laura: I would say if you love doing something, just go for it! You will never fully be “ready” and I think sometimes just getting the experience, whether you succeed or fail, is more valuable than any course or class, in my opinion. I think this is especially true for creative pursuits such as interior design. Having the confidence to go for it and potentially fail is one of the best learning opportunities you can have. Surround yourself with other inspiring designers. Be willing to put yourself out there. Be willing to experiment with different styles that push your comfort zone. Be willing to course correct if something isn’t quite working. 

Taylor: Use your camera every day, collect photo books, and deep dive into what inspires you. Spend a lot of time making a great portfolio that is unique to you... Something that sets you apart from the millions of others doing the same thing. Don’t worry about the camera you have, focus on making images with that camera, that will stand the test of time. 

You can follow along with Taylor's work and adventures on Instagram and on his blog.

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