Post 1: Welcome to The Field Guide

In this edition of The Field Guide: our full Black Friday / Cyber Monday schedule (no gatekeeping here), this week’s top-selling candle with insight from our founder, Steve, and a cocktail pairing recipe for your weekend grocery list. Cheers, and happy reading.

Howdy, and welcome to The Field Guide! If you’re new around here, a warm welcome from all of us in Nashville; if you’ve been around Ranger Station for a while, thank you! You may remember our Weekend Field Guide emails - a series of roundups featuring our picks of art, culture, and all the stuff we’d want someone to tell us about. Now, we’re excited to introduce you to the new-and-improved version: a curated blog for your pioneering spirit, which we’re simply calling The Field Guide.

Here you’ll find not only brand pieces, in-depth product spotlights, and how-to’s, but also notes from our founder Steve + our team, guest posts from friends of the brand, and some of the same shared interest features that made the Weekend Field Guide what it was.


In honor of our Holiday Collection that launched this week, here’s a product spotlight (and a recipe to match) on our highly-acclaimed Cowboy Christmas candle - it’s been amazing to see how y’all have embraced it already! Here's a look behind the scenes on Steve's inspiration for our newest holiday scent:

"With Cowboy Christmas, my goal was simple. I wanted to create the feeling of a Christmas spent in a log home on the frontier with a roaring fire in the hearth. And I wanted to do it while focusing on one of the oldest known scent raw materials of the Christmas season... Frankincense. This incense resin provides a smokiness that is warm, but not overpowering. Paired with Montana Juniper, Amber, and oak/whiskey notes, you will find yourself back in time, sitting by the fire, your horse tethered in the barn after a hard days work, and a whiskey in your hand. Stay warm out there!"

- Steve Soderholm, founder


See below for Steve's choice of cocktail to enjoy alongside Cowboy Christmas; a perfect drink for that log cabin Christmas you've always dreamed about.


Finally, we're going to wrap up with a look ahead at this month's marketing calendar so you can plan ahead and get your holiday shopping done early - no gatekeeping here. 

Week of November 7th: Make sure you are a Rank 2 Rewards member, because we’re releasing our first-ever, members-only candle that we're absolutely obsessed with (and know you will be too). 
Week of November 14th: If you rise to Rank 3 of Ranger Rewards by November 13th, you may or may not get Black Friday / Cyber Monday early access before anyone else… You'll also want to watch your phone and email inbox this week for surprises.
Week of November 21st: Our best sitewide offer of the year goes live, so you can stock up and get all your holiday shopping done early. 
Week of November 28th: A Giving Tuesday moment that we’re pumped to share with y’all.  


Talk soon - cheers! 

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