In this edition of The Field Guide: Scent solutions for every Thanksgiving hosting scenario you could run into, and our top 3 cocktail recipe pairings for your Turkey Day menu. 

Howdy, and welcome back to The Field Guide! In this week’s feature, we’re talking all about Thanksgiving – and the scent solutions you’ll probably need. 


> When you want to bring everyone together like family

Warm, wood-and-spice-based scents have the ability to set a welcoming, cozy tone for a room. Take it to the next level with custom scents that were inspired by Christmastime nostalgia and holiday memories

> When you need to liven up the room

You can’t go wrong with lighting a candle, or using Room + Linen Spray. We recommend a mint-based scent, like our infamous Leather + Pine, or a fresh, fruit-based aroma, like Oakmoss

> When the seasonal time change is really killing your vibe

Give yourself, and your guests, a mood boost when the sun sets at 4 pm. We love bright, sweeter scents to combat the seasonal gloom, like Hinoki Rituals and Balsam Fir.


> For: Pre-Dinner / Before eating / Cocktail hour

- Leather + Pine / Green Point
- If you are like us and already have your Christmas tree up, the pine notes   
  from the chartreuse will put you in the spirit even more. Get the fire going,
  and let this evergreen forest tasting cocktail get you ready to devour
  everything at the table. 


> For: Turkey / During Meal

- Old Fashioned / Old Fashioned 
- A classic should always go with a classic. If there is one thing white meat
  goes great with, it is a little sweetness which makes the sugar in the old
  fashioned a perfect match. You should also consider using sugar in your
  turkey rub if you don’t already. 


> For: Post Meal / Dessert

- Lumberjack / Montana
- After stuffing yourself at the table, you're going to need a nice digestif... and
  the only thing better than 1 digestif is 3 mixed together (cognac, sweet
  vermouth, and port). 

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