In this edition of The Field Guide: BTS of our first annual company Christmas party, the drink of the night and the vibe of the night that you can recreate at home, easily. 

Howdy, and Merry (almost) Christmas from us at Ranger Station! Our team is jetting off for the Christmas season to be with friends and family (and we hope you are, too)! Last week, we celebrated the year with our first company Christmas party. Here’s a behind the scenes look. 


The Scent.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a signature ‘party’ scent of the night – and it could be none other than The North Pole. This one smells like Santa’s Workshop (after hours) – kinda like how our team felt after an insanely amazing Black Friday season. 


the north pole - ranger station scent


The Drink. 

Before we give you the ultimate ‘Leather + Pine’ inspired cocktail that was THE drink of the night, it’s important to tell you who made it. Troy, a longtime friend of our CEO and head bartender of Nashville relic BurgerUp, went above and beyond as our mixologist for the night. 


ranger station holiday party cocktail


And yes, he created the most epic, custom cocktail, inspired by our most popular scent, Leather + Pine. We give you – Beyond the (Leather +) Pines. Plot twist, it’s super easy to make: 


  • 2 oz St. George terroir gin 
  • 1 oz rosemary simple syrup
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice 
  • Shaken on ice, garnished with a rosemary sprig

The Team. 

We partied at our incredible Nashville coworking space, that we must say, gets super vibey at night. Everyone from our HQ team to our studio team to our founders were present. Significant others were also there! How can you not show up, especially when it was announced that we’d be chowing down Asian street fare from Hawkers in East Nashville?


ranger station holiday party the team


ranger station team christmas

ranger station team christmas party


That’s it from us, and we’re off to celebrate the holiday! We’re grateful for you – and are sending you a ‘cheers’ this Christmas. 

The Ranger Station Team

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