What is Woodland Rose, and what makes it our “sexiest scent of all”? We wanted to share a little more about Woodland Rose ahead of Valentine’s Day and explain why we’re so excited about this scent - the perfect pairing for love, however you choose to celebrate it. 

According to Steve, Woodland Rose is the result of his taking a classic rose fragrance as  starting point and letting it rebel from the box it had been relegated to: 

"For too long, rose was your grandmother's perfume. I let it rebel stripping the scent of its headache-infused sweetness and celebrating its depth through dark, red rose petals and earthy sandalwood and musk."

Woodland Rose scent notes graphic: Damask Rose (top), Australian Sandalwood (middle), amber, musk (base)

Woodland Rose begins with the pure scent of Damask Rose, one of nature’s thorniest and wildest varieties. Ours are picked before they reach a full bloom, in order to get the most out of each petal - in fact, it takes 5 tons of fresh rose petals to yield 1 kilo of rose oil. 

From there, Steve layers in some classic scent notes that will be familiar to regulars at the Station: Australian Sandalwood, ambergris, and musk. 

Australian Sandalwood is one of the hottest fragrance ingredients of the modern era, and the star of our best-selling Santalum fragrance; a fresh, clean wood note helps add depth and body to the Damask Rose top note without taking away from its signature beauty. 

Rounding out the base notes for Woodland Rose are a couple of favorites: ambergris and musk. Both are strong, bold base layers which lend warmth, depth, and sillage to Woodland Rose for a romantic impression that will last far longer than a bouquet of flowers. 

You’ll recognize the warm, intoxicating effects of Ambergris from our bestselling Two Trick Pony fragrance enhancer, which is basically just an amber-bomb. Subtly sensual, ambergris again helps Woodland Rose feel more unisex and gives it a broader appeal to modern sensibilities, bringing it from a classic perfume into a more 2023 role. 

Similarly, musk also lends body and a sensual warm to Woodland Rose. 

Rose not your thing? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few more romantic Ranger favorites we’ve highlighted for Valentine’s Day as well: Santalum and Old Fashioned.

bed sprinkled with rose petals and Stetson hat.

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